Los Angeles County Accident Litigation

Having the right personal injury attorney on your side can mean the difference between winning and losing your case, so if you need an attorney following an accident, choose carefully. Accident litigation covers any type of injury.

Following a serious injury accident, you should immediately call a competent and confident lawyer. At our Firm, we truly appreciate the opportunity to represent you in connection with your claim for damages. A successful recovery in your case requires the combined efforts of the attorney and the client and depends on close cooperation between us.

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO RESOLVE YOUR CASE? Of the thousands of claims made each month, a few will be settled immediately, a few will take up to four years, but the majority of claims will result in some sort of settlement within eight to eighteen months. This is an average; it does not necessarily mean that your particular claim will be settled during that time.

Most cases are settled without us having to file suit in court. We have two years to file suit with certain exceptions involving minors and claims against governmental entities. Of those cases where suit is filed, usually, the closer your case comes to trial, the better is the settlement offer which may be received. Accordingly, it is important that insurance companies or defendants never be aware of any desire on your part for an early settlement. As far as they are concerned, we are determined — at all times — to fight this case all the way through the courts to obtain a maximum verdict. It is only when they are convinced of our willingness to carry forth the battle that they will offer the type of settlement which is reasonable in terms of the injuries sustained. The better the facts on our side, of course, the better the settlement.

This does not mean that we will not push for an immediate or early settlement if you so desire. It does mean, however, that, as a rule, settlement under pressure to settle is likely to be smaller in amount than one made under the proper circumstances at the proper time.

Following, you will find some other important points to keep in mind:

DISABILITY. Are you disabled from the injury? If you are disabled or think that you are disabled, you should seek disability forms from your doctor, or call us immediately.

TALK TO NO ONE ABOUT YOUR CASE. Do not, under any circumstances, discuss your case with anybody — except members of this office. If someone approaches you seeking information relating to your claim, you should require identification so that you are certain to whom you are talking. Do not talk to , without notifying this office beforehand. Usually, it is desirable for us to be present and to have such statements taken in our office.

MEDICAL CARE. If your doctor ceases treatment, make sure you notify this office promptly. If you change doctors or if the treating doctor refers you to any specialists for consultation, be certain to inform us immediately as to their names, addresses, and telephone numbers.

RECORD OF COMPLAINTS. You may wish to keep a daily or weekly written record of your complaints and your progress. This can be very helpful when and if you are called upon to relate your pain and difficulty. If your physical condition undergoes a change — either for the better or for the worse — let me know and note it in your written record.

MEDICAL RECORDS AND RELATED EXPENSES. Please obtain and keep all records, receipts, bills, canceled checks, credit card receipts and any other papers pertaining to expenses for medical examinations, care, and treatment related to your case. These should include, bills and receipts for doctor’s services, hospitalization, prescription drugs, physical therapy, orthopedic appliances, medical equipment rentals, and so on. You should also obtain and keep all bills, canceled checks, receipts, and records of any other expenses incurred in connection with your case, such as: the hiring of extra help for your business and/or household; repairs to your automobile, including property damage estimates and billings and car rental; transportation expenses to and from your doctor’s office, hospital, physical therapist, pharmacist; repairs to other damaged property, and so on. You should periodically send these records, receipts, bills, and canceled checks to our office. We must have all of these papers for settlement or for evidence in the event it is necessary to go to trial with your case.

You should also keep copies of all tax records and returns for the past five (5) years.

STAY IN TOUCH. Be sure to keep us advised of any change in your address or telephone number. This applies to both your residence and your work. Also, keep us informed about any change in your occupation, marital status, or anything else which may be important to your case.

If your injury has prevented you from seeking and/or obtaining employment, or prevented you from advancement, please give us the names, addresses and phone numbers of persons who can substantiate this claim. We will need to know their relationship to you, if any.

We also would like to know in detail about any services and/or activities which you have been prevented from performing, either at home or at work (for example, you could play golf, bowl, jog, or play tennis before the injury, but could not do so afterwards).

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